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My Top 5 FEEL-GOOD Things

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Hey guys! First off, I would like to start off by saying that I am extremely sorry that I didn’t write or post anything for soo long. It literally feels like ages when I last wrote or posted anything but I’ve been caught up in a lot of things recently. I just finished with my 12th grade board examination, as we call it here and it is pretty much a big deal, so I just didn’t get the time to sit back and write down my thoughts because my mind had taken the form of a humble-mumble of everything. Today, I woke up with this smile on my face, but then came that bloody trickling drop of sweat and then, my mom opened the curtains and it almost felt like my eyes were attacked by the sun’s rays. And with that, my smile melted away. I am sure that a lot of you will relate to this somewhat common experience that we all might have faced. But the point is, this smile eventually does come back with several things that we do during our day. But the things that really make us smile with all our heart or make us “feel good” are the ones that we do with all our will and happiness. So, today I thought about writing about different things that I do that make me smile truly and make me “feel good”. Some of them are- 1.Writing= As very obvious, I love writing. Writing soothes my nerves. It has helped me get calm and refocus on many stressful occasions. Writing, to me is like dancing and singing to a dancer and singer respectively. It helps me re-centre and express my emotions in various ways. I, personally have certain anxiety issues, and writing really helps me calm my nerves down and think clearly. There are so many drafts on my laptop which are proof to this.

2. Reading= I did not love books since the day I was born. According to my mom, I hated books when I was really young and my mom, like any other Indian mother, got really worried regarding this matter and decided to try every trick to help me develop a reading habit. I don’t know whether it was her tricks or me growing up that led me to loving and adoring books. I love books for the sole reason that they help me transport myself into this alternate dimension or imaginary world where there are happy endings and beautiful lands and what not (I know this sounds cheesy, but well, it is the truth) In short, I love fiction. I may not be an intense reader who starts reading a new book immediately after ending the last one, but I do enjoy reading random books and exploring new authors once in a while. 3. Watching movies= Like most clichéd Mumbaikars, I, too am a Bollywood (Indian films, more particularly Hindi films) fan. But I don’t restrict myself only to Bollywood. I am also a great lover of films from all over the world like Hollywood and Korean or French, etc. I, get this, inner satisfaction and joy when I watch movies and it helps me forget my worries for a while and just simply enjoy(I know some of this sounds cheesy, but this is just me trying my best to express my feelings). This is also one of the reasons that every time you ask me my favourite movie, it is keeps on changing.

4. Travelling= I LOVE travelling. I know most of us do, but for me travelling is not just going to far off places and clicking scenic, aesthetic pictures. It is about going to any new or old place and just enjoying the feel of being there at that very moment. I’ve been to Goa twice till now and both the times, me and family travelled by car to get the actual feel of the whole travelling experience. Believe me, the route was amazing and just out of the world. Plane rides have their own importance and unique effect too like having chocolate- chip cookies amidst the skies filled with cotton-candy clouds is wonderful, right? Clicking photographs is important to me on trips but just to the limit where I don’t forget why I am really there at that place. I am still learning the art of photography and understanding the fun and intrinsic art that it is.

5. Talking= Now a lot of you who have met me even once, would be kind of surprised by this, but those who really know me, know that I talk a lot! It’ll take me some(or sometimes more than some) time to open up, but once I do, I just don’t shut up or so I have been told by some of my friends and family. Talking is something that makes us all feel good. Well, technically, not all type of speaking is good, but positive conversations whether they are about a recent movie or gossip or just random talks, they all help us feel good.

So, these are the 5 top things that make me “feel good” from within. We are all unique and feel good and satisfied by different things. What are the top 5 things that make you feel good? I would love to know them. So, feel free to share them with me in the comment box below.

Also, I have started clicking my own pictures for my blog. So, please feel free to comment any feedback, positive or negative, because they are all very helpful. And, as usual, if you like my writing and relate to it, then please do like, share and follow my Instagram handle for not missing any blog updates. Until next time, always remember, Be brave. Be strong. Be great.❤️

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