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Helzeee- Founder & Author
A serene sunset by a lake- Photograph taken by Helzeee

Helee Pandya aka Helzeee

Life, Self-growth, Self-love

A 22-year old storyteller, writer, content creator, & avid fan of all forms of art ever since I was a lil baby, I started this blog to create a safe space to express the many ideas & experiences I was living through.

Today, it has expanded further into talking primarily about lifestyle, self-growth, fashion & much more! Having graduated in 2022, I like to believe I'm in my "trial room" phase of life; trying to find just the perfect fit to wear for the rest of my life. 

This space is just that- my trials, my thoughts, my portfolio, my services, & above all, an attempt at the encapsulation of me- in all its goofy, fancy, sometimes crazy, but always grounded glory.

I learnt early on that one of the most important things in life is empathy, & therefore, this is a safe space to express & learn to live life beautifully, softly, strongly, however you want! Like I always like to say~ YOU do YOU.💛🌻

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