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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Binge-watching. It is the one of the important things that help us to get through our summer breaks or any other breaks. So, I thought why not write a blog on my favorite or top 10 TV shows or online series. So, let’s go.

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10. “TO BE WATCHED” = I know this is not exactly the name of one series but of four which are currently on my “To be watched” list. They are- The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, Jane The Virgin and Game of Thrones. I have started to watch some of these but I don’t want to comment on them before I’ve finished watching them entirely.

9. THE GOOD DOCTOR= It is about a doctor who is autistic and how he deals with different challenges of being a doctor and an autistic person at the same time. What awes me the most are the details of the operations shown. And if you like how they’ve portrayed autism in this series, you should totally try watching “Atypical” which is about a high school boy who is autistic but wants to do things just like the rest of us and does achieve it in a beautiful way.

8. 13 REASONS WHY= Most of you know what this series is about and I also know that a lot of people are against this series. But, honestly in my view it portrays some important issues of society. It is so gruesome because it precisely describes the real situations and reality is always harsh. People who think they are not made for this kind of harshness or that they cannot bear watching it, should really not watch it because it will affect you if you are a person who gets easily affected by things. But I also do agree that it has it’s cons as well.

7. 2 BROKE GIRLS= It is a fun, comical series which deals with two girls who are facing poverty and how they deal with it in positive and negative manners in a journey of trying to come out of it.

6. STRANGER THINGS= Most of you must be knowing or must have already seen this series. For me, this is one of the most intriguing series of all and the performance by all the characters is just outstanding.

5. RIVERDALE= Being a fan of the Archie comics since I was 8 or 9, this series is ought to be in my top 5.

The next four series are all my favorite and it was very difficult for me to place them in any order so just consider them at the same rank as I like them all the same.

4. BROOKLYN NINE-NINE= I’m forever grateful to the friend who forced me to watch this absolutely COOL series. I just can’t get over it. It’s just plain amazing and Amy is so relatable for me.

3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S= This is one of the most amazing series ever made in history and is therefore a must-watch for everyone.

2. MODERN FAMILY= It revolves around the different kinds of problems that families in the modern world face. It does so in a very fun and light-hearted manner.

1. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER= This is one of the very first series that I saw and it is absolutely LEGEN- wait for it- DARY!!!

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Also, I would like to add that if you are sucker for mystery, you would love Pretty Little Liars, it is absolutely mind-blowing. So, those were my Top 10 binge-worthy series. Hope you guys liked it and find it useful. I would love to know what your favorite series are and whether you have seen any of the above series and whether you liked them or not. Also, if you would like to suggest any other series that you want to add to the list or want me to watch, feel free to write them down in the comment section below.

Also, if you liked this blog or related to it in any manner, please don’t forget to give it a like, comment, share it with your family and friends and for further blog updates, please do follow me on my Instagram handle  and also on WordPress. See you next time! Till then, always remember, Be brave. Be strong. Be great.

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” ‘I need to stop’, I whispered to myself, as I clicked ‘next episode’ “

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