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My Music Trials

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Hey guys, I’m back!! (after a month) I thought that this period of lockdown would work for my benefit and I would be able to write a lot of blogs and keep them ready for when I want to post but things rarely go the way you want them to. I ended up binge watching series, taking up a one month course and an internship. I even did some doodling and took up an Instagram challenge on my blog’s Instagram page. Basically, I did everything but write a new blog post. I just didn’t feel inspired I guess but finally, after a one month hiatus, I finally feel inspired to write and so here I am.

Coming to what I am going to talk about today- music! I know I have already written one on my top 10 favourite songs. So, this time I’m going to talk about how I experimented with different music in the last few months. I tried listening to some new genres which I don’t usually listen to and I’m going to share with you my experience.

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Let me start with the kind of music I usually listen to- pop. That’s it. I think I love listening to pop because when I was first introduced to music other than Bollywood music, it was pop and that’s how I had started listening to international music. So, pop will always have a special place in the music arena of my heart.

One of the genres I initially tried out was rap and hip-hop. My reason for trying out this genre first was that it’s just something I always assumed I wouldn’t like or wouldn’t really enjoy. I guess I had generalised the genre on the basis of a few songs I had heard of the same genre.

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But after listening to some other songs suggested by people who like the genre, I think my attitude towards it has changed or developed into something where I can actually enjoy some of the tunes and lyrics and maybe groove to it too. One thing that experimenting with this genre helped me with was to actually understand rap lyrics a little.

The next genre I tried out was something that wasn’t new to me but was sidelined by me for a while now- 2000s Bollywood. Listening to songs from that era brings back a ton of nostalgia and lots of childhood memories and that’s always nice. It reminded me of a time in my life where I was so innocent and most importantly, never went through overthinking for anything. Life was simple and sweet back then and listening to songs from that era makes me feel that comfort, even if just for a while.

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Lastly, I tried out some international music from the 70s and it blew my mind. I was amazed at how much I enjoyed singing those songs and dancing to them. I got inspired to listen to songs from that era because I was and still am binge watching “That 70s Show” and I’m glad I listened to songs from this era. The songs from this era felt timeless and vintage but also not so vintage, one of my personal favourites being Dancing Queen by Abba. I also, surprisingly, enjoyed AC/DC and KISS songs as well.

So, that was it. I experimented with these different genres and eras over the last year, especially while travelling in the train because it takes up about 4 hours of my day, on a regular day. And one thing that it has taught me is that experimenting with new stuff can sometimes be surprising and at other times can also make you feel warm and at home. In short, it will always help you discover more things about yourself.

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What is your favourite genre and era of songs? Would you like to suggest any songs for me to try listening to?

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comment section below. Also, if you liked this blog or related to it in any manner, please don’t forget to like, comment, share it with your family and friends and for further blog updates follow me on my Instagram handle  and also on WordPress. See you next time! Till then, always remember, Be brave. Be strong. Be great. ♥

P.S.~ Most of the photographs I’ve chosen to put out here in this blog are clicked by me and portray the kind of feelings I feel when I listen to music. 🙂

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“Music is a safe kind of high.”

~Jimi Hendrix

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