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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Religion. It’s a word we’ve all been introduced to, no matter which class, caste or country we belong to.

I was born as a Hindu Brahmin, the second half of which I didn’t even know what it meant till I actually studied about it in the 7th or 8th grade. For me, religion has never been something that holds me back in any way, rather it has been playing a supporting role in the scenes that have yet played in the Act of my life.

Most people’s thoughts are filtrated by the logical or illogical reasoning of their respective religion. For me, it is not that. Religion is like a fandom one chooses to belong to devotedly, whose centre of attention is God, who I consider as just a name for the power that created all of us, our planet, other planets and whatever lies beyond that. According to me, it’s just for our satisfaction that we call that ambiguous power or force, God.

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But I do agree that this force does have an influence on me, on how I behave, what happens when I make particular choices or decisions, although I don’t think that it controls me or that I control it. We don’t perform pujas, etc. in our house, but we do light diyas, decorate the house with fresh flowers and other plants, etc. for the peace that it brings. Me and my parents believe that rather than spending money and resources on oil, milk, etc. for God, it is better to perform good deeds and trust in the force to help one move forward in life.

But it would be wrong of me to say that those who perform pujas are doing something wrong. There is a lot of science behind all the practices of every religion but when it makes us ignorant and when we turn it into something that is forceful, binding and destructive, then it fails to play it’s purpose.

Also, it is very important to mention how every religion has it’s pros and cons and so does mine which is why I personally love learning about new religions and learning how, in the end, we’re all made of the same fabric but separated into separate threads waiting to be woven back together.

The values I learn from this concept of religion are loyalty, certain level of trust, support, calmness, peace, belief, sincerity, tolerance, etc.

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What is religion for you? Is it the scent of fresh flowers in the morning, chanting of beautifully calming hymns or is it the feeling of assurance of always having someone who has your back or is it both? I’m always up to hear new perspectives. So, please feel free to flow your thoughts onto the comment section below.

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P.S. – (1) The views expressed in the above blog article are from my personal perspective and could differ from other people.

(2)The situations mentioned as examples in this article may or may not be true in different countries or households.

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“Religion is one tree with many branches. As branches, you may say, religions are many, but as a tree, religion is only one.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

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