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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Plants. I’ve grown to become a plant person. I love looking at plants, adopting them, naming them- the whole shenanigan.

I didn’t always know I loved plants this much. When I was younger, I used to see my mom get new plants and flowers for the small window balcony in our apartment. I remember watching her water them, rearrange the plants into different pots when they’ve grown up to be too big for their old ones, and I’ve seen her feel sad when any of our plants died.

I’ve always felt at peace in nature. Even though I’m not very adventurous, I’ve always loved a good drive in the Ghats during monsoon season and a good hike up the Kanheri caves at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai.

The more I think about it, the more I realise that the connection I feel with nature was rooted quite firmly in my childhood itself with the actions I saw, the trips my dad took me on, the snails nana(maternal grandfather) showed me in the parks, etc.

Last year, in my second year of college, I took up Garden Art as my cross-faculty course for the semester. It was out of sheer curiosity than anything else, but it was one of the best subjects I got to learn, even though it was online. I started understanding how to take care of the plants we had at home and which ones were suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, etc.

I have had plants in my rooms earlier but I used to get really disheartened when they dried away or couldn’t survive. Finally, I was able to nurture plants on my own and help out my mom as well.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve adopted quite a few plants in our house and specifically in my room too- cute, small ones and big leafy ones too.

I love the aura plants bring into a room, just a splash of green and you start feeling a tad bit better than you did before. I also have a couple of artificial plants because I wanted to have colorful flowers but wanted to take this new plant nurturing journey of mine, one step at a time.

There are a lot of people I follow to learn and know more about plants. They’re not professionals or anything but they’ve inspired me to keep believing that I can nurture plants as well. One of them is the amazing Pick Up Limes(go check her channel out for wholesome content on life, food & plants):

So, what is the blogpost about? It’s about how you need to go adopt some cute ‘lil plants right now and feel better(it’s not therapy but atleast you’ll have a friend who’ll always listen).

Do you like plants? Do you have any? Have you botany lately? I’d love to chat with you about plants and know more about y’all in the comments below! If you liked this blog or related to it in any manner, please don’t forget to like, comment, share it with your family and friends, and for further blog updates follow me on my Instagram handle @helzeeblog , on WordPress and also on YouTube. See you next time! Till then, always remember, Be brave. Be strong. Be great.💛

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. ~Audrey Hepburn

be leaf in yourself💛

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