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I'm the kind of girl...

I'm the kind of girl you go museum hopping with,

I'm the kind of girl you go on a late night walk on a beach with,

I'm the kind of girl you go plant shopping with,

I'm the kind of girl you hold hands with or rest your shoulder on in a movie theatre with,

I'm the kind of girl you twirl around the dancefloor & laugh with,

I'm the kind of girl you talk about feelings with,

I'm the kind of girl you bring flowers for & receive flowers from,

I'm the kind of girl you go on a picnic with,

I'm the kind of girl you look for pretty seashells with,

I'm the kind of girl you kiss on a starry night,

I'm the kind of girl you hold onto,

And I'm the kind of girl you love.

~ helzeee 💛


I’m not a poet; I just don’t think I have that kind of writing flair in me. However, sometimes the only way to express your innermost feelings is in short sentences, which may look like a poem but is actually just an outlet for your emotional expression.

Here’s an attempt at the same. In this modern world of fleeting glances being longer than fleeting situationships, I’ve often thought of the kind of girl I am, in terms of being cared & loved for. Is the world of dating apps for me, or am I still looking for the old waiting for letters & late-night calls kind of love? Am I yearning for the kind of love which was really meant when given because it took effort to show love back then or am I just avoiding the modern love which is so accessible it sometimes loses its meaning? Am I being too much of a hopeless romantic or am I willing to be a hopeful romantic?

Me, a girl, sitting in a cafe with flowers in my hand and a croissant & coffee in front of me.

Like Lauren Jarvis-Gibson says in Thought Catalog, "I miss the way love used to be spoken about, and written about. I only see it in old black and white movies now. I only see it in dusty, worn out photographs of my great grandparents. I don’t see old school love anymore. In fact, I’ve never truly have seen it or experienced it."

There are a lot of layers to the concept of love, especially love in modern times. Maybe more on that later. I’m not sure what I’m trying to communicate with this one, but I know that it is an honest expression of thoughts. Thoughts I’ve had recently about the kind of love I aspire to receive & give.

And now to you, do you believe in love? What are your thoughts on modern love? Is it even love or temporary bouts of attention-seeking situations? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. ~David Viscott

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~ helzeee 💛


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