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I love me and you, do you?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

“Oh my god, look at her dress!”

“I am so sure I’m thinner than her.”

“She needs a complete makeover.”

“I’m not perfect enough.”

These are just some of the things, we, girls or women say to each other. I’m not saying men don’t but it’s more visibly explicit in the female gender. Today, I’m not going to talk about misrepresentation of women in magazines, movies, posters, etc. but more about how we, as members of this gender, take it. We take it personally.

We not only say such things to others but also to ourselves. Why do we need to comment on another girl or women’s body or clothes? Because we all are body shamers? I don’t think so. Some of us might be but I’m pretty sure not all of us are. One theory could be that we are plain jealous or insecure though we would never in a million years admit it or maybe we will. You never know with the unpredictable human behaviour.

Well, my point here is that why can’t we accept people just the way they are and the way they’ve chosen to be, whether that’s being a sari wearing woman, tattoo-loving woman, plastic surgery-loving woman, chose to be a homemaker woman, chose to be a businesswoman woman, chose to be undecided woman or any other type of woman. Ultimately, we’re all women and we’re all on the ultimate same team of humanity, right?

So, the next time we see another woman, why don’t we admire her for being herself and if it’s yourself you’re judging, admire yourself for being the amazing person you are and that you’ve chosen to be. I feel like even doing this tiny thing could really help us all as a whole, even if it’s just a tiny step towards loving ourselves and others more.

I know this is a bit of an odd blog article than what I usually write but I just thought of talking about this. I might write one on the male gender but I’ll have to do some research for that as I obviously don’t have any personal experience in that area.

But for the area I do have personal experience in, I want to end by saying that I love myself though I consider myself a work in progress, and I love all the women and girls out there that have contributed in my life, in whatever way, for being just who they are and who they’ve chosen to be.

I love me, do you? I love being me, do you?(or atleast I’m trying to work my way towards that) Do you think we could look at each other equally? I would love to know your views on this in the comment section below.

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P.S.~ The pictures include mine and of the Top 2 winners of the contest I had on my Instagram page. The first picture in this article was submitted by a Duo of bloggers by the name Denims and Lemons ( ) and the picture below is by a photography page on Instagram run by a single person( ). 

Also, I have some stuff (exciting?) planned for my Instagram page, so stay updated!


“Real queens fix each other’s crowns.”


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