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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Aesthetic. Isn’t it a word we here way too often today? ‘My room has to be aesthetic’ “This picture isn’t enough aesthetic, yaar.’, etc I have heard the first one a lot and this summer break I really thought about it and I realized five simple ways to make my room look more aesthetic and more me than before. Please keep in mind that my perception of aesthetic is that it is very subjective and for me, it means a way in which I personalize something or make it look pretty to me. I know people who think messy is pretty and that is fine too. So, this article may or may not apply to you. Anyways, let’s start then.

1. Succulents

Plants. For me, one of the best ways to amp up the aesthetic level of your room is through plants, especially succulents. But I wouldn’t say I have been successful in keeping succulents alive which is weird because succulents need the least care whereas I have kept my non-succulent plants alive for years now. Anyways, I feel that plants, especially green plants give a very fresh feeling to the room that makes one be more productive when needed and also rest peacefully when needed. P.S.- I know the following pictures are not succulents exactly but those are the only pictures I could find.

2. Polaroids/Photographs

Photographs are capsules of our memories and the best way to remember some of your best memories is to hang them in your room. You could either hang them to your fairy lights or stick them to your wall in squares or any shape of your choice. I recently bought these fairy lights that have clips on them to hang photographs on, which is very useful and cool. Photographs always give a personal feel to the room. If you’re not the photos type of person, you could even stick posters of your favorites instead.

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3. Flowers and candles

Just like green plants, flowers also tend to give a fresh feel but more than that, they give a peaceful feel to the room. In addition to flowers, candles also give a wonderful feel to the room. One more tip, try combining flowers and candles placing them together in the same place, they look and feel amazingly serene. One more tip is to use old wine bottles as flower pots. I don’t know why but it looks really good, atleast to me.

4. Fairy Lights

Now I know what you’re thinking. She’s so cliché. Well, yes and no. Yes because I know it is a trend right now and that’s a fact. But no because it does make your room feel really pretty especially in the evenings. If you don’t have dim lights in your room, these are even better for you as they are affordable and handy.

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5. Decorations

This is a very vague term and it does include a lot of items. It includes different kinds of decorations like lamps, hanging threads, dolls, old alarm clocks, calendars, etc. You should ideally choose those kind of decorations that go with your personality and your likes and hobbies and that will not only personalize the room for you but will also make you feel more centered and connected to yourself(atleast it is for me).

So, that are the most easy, common and simple ways of amping up the aesthetic style of your room and also personalizing your room at the same time. One more suggestion would be to also avoid any clutter in your room. This one is really hard for me but a spacious room leads to more space in my brain to think too.

How do you make your room more “you”? Please feel free to share your thoughts to me in the comment section below. Also, if you liked this blog or related to it in any manner, please don’t forget to like, comment, share it with your family and friends and for further blog updates follow me on my Instagram handle  and also on WordPress. See you next time! Till then, always remember, Be brave. Be strong. Be great. ♥

P.S. – (1) Most of the pictures in these blog are clicked by me as I’m trying my hand at photography. So, please feel free to comment down any tips, critics, suggestions,etc.

(2) Those pictures not clicked by me were clicked by my talented friend and amateur photographer(for now) whose Instagram account is as follows-   Check it out and follow her if you’re into good photography and appreciating artists (no pressure though).


“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” —Billy Baldwin

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