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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

VACATION. This word usually pops the word ‘relaxation’, ‘sleeping all day long’, ‘summer’, ‘trips’, ‘shopping’, etc etc etc. Everybody has their own way of describing the word “vacation”. Some smile when they hear the word, others scream out of happiness, while some others start jumping out og joy.

Some people get so excited about their vacation that they start planning it months before it actually starts. Everybody has their own special way of spending their vacation. Some people want to try something new while some others want to reignite their old hobbies. Others plan to do something adventurous, while some others want to do something else.There are hudreds and hundreds of ways in which you can spend your vacation. You can travel, learn something new, sit at home and relax, attend parties, meet old friends or relatives, go shopping and the list goes on, but most importantly, you enjoy.

People of different age groups describe “vacation” in different manners too. A school-going child describes it as ‘freedom and enjoyment’. For children, it is the time when they don’t have to study or get up early and they don’t have any rules, restrictions and curfews(except a few, maybe). They can play with their friends all day long, watch their favourite cartoons, play with their long lost toys, etc.

For college-going teenagers, ‘vacation’ does not always mean ‘freedom from studies’ because they always have some or the other projects and assignments to complete. But, their vacation is not that boring either. They party, meet old school friends, go home(if they live in a hostel), relax, SLEEP, eat, travel with friends, maybe learn a new skill, etc.

For job-doing people, ‘vacation’ is not a very common word because they don’t usually have official vacations unless they are a teacher or have a profession which gives them an official vacation. So, for them, ‘vacation’ means asking their boss for a holiday leave and hoping to get approval on their request. If they do get approval, they can either travel or rejuvenate and relax.


For retired, old people, this word doesn’t actually mean something because their lives are on a constant vacation. But it isn’t like it means nothing to them. For them, it means that they might be able to spend more time with their children and grandchildren and connect with them.

So, basically, everyone spends their vacation differently. But all of this, just shows the positive side of ‘vacation’. The negative side is that people travel more, so there are more cars on the highways and often it leads to more accidents due to lack of sleep, night driving, long distance driving, etc. There is also more littering at tourist spots which leads to overall deterioration of our planet Earth.

Now, I don’t want to start sounding as if I am the author of a safety manual, so, in short, if “vacation” can bring enjoyment and happiness, carelessness of this word can also bring destruction, trauma and sadness. Hence, this summer enjoy to your fullest, but also be safe, drive safe, don’t sleep while driving, and don’t drink and drive.

Please feel free to share your special way of spending your vacation in comment box below.❤️


“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.”

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