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New Beginnings and Fests

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

HI GUYS!! Sorry I didn’t write for a long time but I was just trying to cope up with my new schedule and trying to accept the huge change. So, I recently started junior college which is the 11th and 12th grade here in India. I got into my dream college and have found the most wonderful friends which I never thought I would so early in my FYJC year. But, obviously it didn’t happen instantly. My first day wasn’t as good as I had expected but it wasn’t bad. I did took hard efforts to be social and be communicative and I am getting good results. But, I am not going to bore you with all of that. So, two days after my junior college(jc), my college’s annual fest was held which is also Asia’s second biggest fest took place for three days and obviously I attended it(Who would miss that?). I attended only two days but I had the time of my life. So, today I am going to tell you about my experience about those two days but not in the usual way that I do- by writing the entire thing down because words would not be enough to describe my extraordinary experience. So, this time I am going to tell all you guys my experience through photographs that me and my friends took at the fest. I am not a really good photographer and they are phone photographs, so, please consider that while seeing my photographs. So, let’s go!!!


Friends– Aaditi and Nitya

Events Attended- The Blogging Panel, band events, random dance performances, etc.



Now, this photograph is of the pass of Day 2 of the fest. I did not need a pass being a college student of that college itself but I got some for my friends and thought you guys would like to have a look of it too if you haven’t seen it before(because it was my first time). It had all the title and the names of all the sponsors written on one side and the Rules and Regulations written on the other side.


This photograph, though is very blurred, is one of my favorite pictures of the fest because it is of The Blogging Panel that I attended that day. It was a discussion among five famous bloggers, one of which is one of my favorite YouTubers and a fresh blogger, Mostly Sane aka Prajakta Koli. From left to right they are Prajakta Koli, Santoshi Shetty(fashion), Juhi Godambe(fashion), Desha Gehi(food) and Roxanne Bamboat(food). They shared with all of us their lives and experiences as a blogger and gave us all some amazing tips about how to go about with our blogs. It was extraordinary experience and I am glad I attended it.


Now, I am pretty sure that you all have guessed what the picture is- PIZZAAA!! That was my lunch that day, actually my friend’s but who would not eat that yummy piece of Margarita pizza?? Noone. It was absolutely mouth watering and I had it both the days that I went there.


Friends- Muskaan

Events Attended- Cookie Making, Beatboxing(almost), band events, fashion show results, random dance performances again.


copy 1

The middle photograph is of the huge stage that was set up for competitions, band perfomances, etc. Well, I didn’t get to see any big performance but I got to hear some good music hear and also to see the winners of a fashion competition.

The last picture here is of my team’s batch of Nutella Red Velvet Cookies and yes they tasted as good as they sound. In the cookie making workshop that me and my friend attended, we were first shown how to prepare cookies with the ingredients that they provided us with and then divided all the people into three groups and told us to make some ourselves.Our team chose this flavor and it was amazingly, outstandingly                                                                                                 yummy.

Now, this is some more margarita pizza that I had that day.

So, this was a very brief description of my first college fest experience in a different way than what I usually do. It was an amazing experience and I was enamored and still am to the fest.  I hope you guys like it. If you liked it, do give the blog a like, comment down your reviews about this blog because I would really love some feedback from my readers about my blogs and different styles of presenting it to you guys and also share it with your family and friends and don’t forget to follow me here and on my Instagram page  to be updated on all further blog updates. Have you ever went to a college fest? If you have, I would love to hear your experiences in the comment box below and even if you haven’t, I would love to know what according to you would a college fest be like or anything else. Anyways, don’t forget, Be brave. Be strong. Be great.❤


                             “Good memories are like a four leaf clover: lucky to have.”  Enamored

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