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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

CONCERTS. They are the most intriguing, exciting and adrenaline-filled nights(or days) of our lives. So, continuing firm my previous blog, I, along with my parents, was waiting outside the Dublin Square, filled with excitement and goosebumps. Finally, the time arrived, and the gates opened. Slowly, the place started filling with all kinds of fans and some non-fans too.


Since, we were one of the first people to arrive, we got a nice place in front of the crowd, just before the VIP area. We were talking as we waited for the show to start, and then, suddenly, the lights went off and a vidoe started playing on the screen behing on the stage. The video was about the two bands that were going to play in a while- Euphony and SANAM. While the video was going on, all I could hear around me were screams of excitement and roars of thrillness.

Then, after the video ended, the host of the evening, RJ Urmin of 104.8 FM entered the stage with a thrilling smile and a warm welcome. She told us briefly about the two bands. While she was doing so, a few people from the back kept shouting “Call Sanam”, etc. etc. etc. Then, she welcomed the first act of the evening, Euphony. It is a large musical band consisting of a lot of different types of musicians. One was playing a tabla, while another a flute and some others a guitar and what not. Then, they had some vocalists and also a beat-boxer in their band. They were popular due to their participation in an Indian reality show, Dil Hai Hindustani.

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Just imagine, all kinds of different singers and instruments being brought together to sing one single song. It was perfect. Though, I had never heard about them before, I thought, rather, I still think, that they are pretty good. But, the main perfomance was still pending. SANAM had still to come. So, after doing some songs. Euphony bid us(the audience) goodbye and we all shouted loudly and applauded for them, one last time.

Then, RJ Urmin came back and asked us whether we liked the performance and we all yelled ‘YES!!’. Then, she told us thank you for coming to the show and told us that the show was over. But obviously, we all knew that she was joking. So, we all screamed ‘NO, we want SANAM’ repeatedly on the top of our voices. And then, after a while, she welcomed the four people we were all waiting for- SANAM. But, we had to wait for a while, as they were setting up the stage for the big performance.

After a while, the lights went off again and again another video just about SANAM started playing displaying all their popular songs, pictures and videos. And then “they” came. SANAM!!! We all screamed as loud as ever and the floor seemed to shake under my feet. They came and gave us a very warm welcome at first and then, played a very popular song of theirs, Ishtyle(my favourite too).

Now, SANAM is an Indian pop rock band based in Mumbai consisting of Sanam Puri, Samar Puri, Venky S and Keshav Dhanraj. Though, all of them are superbly wonderful, my favourite among them is Sanam Puri, who is the lead singer in the band. His eyes are just so mesmerising. That’s why when he looked at me( or somewhere where I was standing), I almost fainted(exaggeration, I know, I know). They make covers of old songs and have a lot of songs of their own too. They sang most of their songs and they were wonderful. They kept talking to uss once in a while. It was one of my best nights ever.

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I have never felt that great adrenaline rush in me before. I screamed and sang all the songs on top of my voice and didn’t care about anything(it’s a big thing for me, being the timid girl that I am). It was an amazing experience. The most memorable one, too.After the show ended and I came out of the Dublin Square, my ears were feeling weird, my voice was almost gone and I couldn’t stop smiling till I went back home and slept.

Oh, I almost forgot. I also saw my first real girl fight that night in the concert. Two girls, complete strangers to each other, enjoying the concert , suddenly started fighting and swearing to eachother over a small, petty issue. And the next moment, they were on the floor, fighting, One of them even threw beer at the other and that beer fell on everyone around, like me. My entire left side was wet with beer(LOL). Then, the security guards came, took them aside, cleaned up the mess and everything came back to normal.

Now I cannot describe in words how much fun I had, so here are some of my pictures(sorry for blurry pictures) and videos of the concert. I hope you get my feeling throught them.

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And about my parents, they enjoyed as much as I did. So, in short, it was the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE(till now, atleast). I know, it was not a super big concert like of One Direction(love) orSelena Gomez or Justin Beiber or Ed Sheeran, but it was that to me. And I enjoyed a lot. So, anyways, always remember- Be brave. Be strong. Be great.

Did you feel the same adrenaline rush go through your veins too in your first concert? If you have, feel free to share your experience in the comment box below. And if you have not gone to your first concert yet, do share with me if you have felt that kind of rush before. And if you like my blog, do like it, share it and follow me for further updates.❤


“A live concert to me is exciting because of all the electricity that is generated in the crowd and on stage.”

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