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MY FIRST…. – Part 1

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

FIRSTS. My first word. My first walk. My first yawn. My first laugh. My first day of playschool. My first of school. My first day of college. And the list goes on. All of us, have a lot of special firsts that can never be erased from our mind full of memories. Now, you must be thinking that “what first of her is she going to talk about”(atleast I think you are). So, I am going to talk about that ‘first’ that every teenager is always excited and eager about and regards very special. Today, I am going to talk about MY FIRST CONCERT!!( AAH!!… I get so happy even while talking about it ,especially, because it happened quite recently).

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It was a music concert of my favourite Indian band, SANAM. They are not very well known, but for me, they are the greatest band on Earth(after One Direction, ofcourse). When I first came to know that they were coming to Mumbai, I was just casually checking out my Instagram. I screamed like some crazy maniac and my mother came running from the other room asking whether something had happened to me. She started laughing after knowing the reason behiind my scream.

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So, the concert was a week away and I had to ask someone to come with me. I asked a lot of my friends, but while some were busy that day, others were just not interested. So, I was quite disappointed that I wouldn’t get to go because I had noone to go with andbecause I was too much of a scaredy-cat to go alone. So, I hadn’t booked any concert tickets till the day of the concert itself. The concert was going to start at 7pm. I was so sad that I was going to miss my chance to see them live on stage and also my first concert.

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That’s when “my angels in disguise next door”(technically, next room), my parents offered to come with me. I know that right now a lot of teenagers might be thinking of “How on Earth can she agree to go to a concert with her parents?”. But, if you also have the coolest parents on Earth, like I do, you would never mind going anywhere with them.

It was 10am when I knew that I was finally going to go to my first concert, that too, of SANAM. So, I opened the online booking site to book my concert tickets and there it was, “BOOKING CLOSED” written on the site. My heart broke into a million of shattered pieces(too dramatic, eh?). But, all wasnot over yet. My dad called up the place where the concert was to be held, and through his enquiry, we came to know that we could buy the tickets at the venue itself too. My heart started beating with joy and excitement.


So, we decided to reach the venue two hours prior to the event, buy the tickets, eat some food and then attend the CONCERT!!(AAH!!). But, I forgot the fact that if you live in one of the busiest cities in the world, you should never make tight plans. So, not according to the plan, we reached only an hour prior to the event. It took us ten minutes to find the ticket counter and another twenty minutes to buy the tickets(due to some of their technical issues). Then, we directly went to the food counter and ate some food. That took us another twenty minutes. But, the concert, luckily, started a little late, so, we didn’t miss a thing. When we took the tickets from the counter, my hads started shivering and for the first time, Ifelt a little bit of nervousness rising up in the pit of my tummy. I was getting this mixed feeling of utter excitement and super nervousness.

Now, you must be thinking, “Yeh kab concert ke baare me bolna shuru karegi?”(When will she actually start talking about the concert?). But, well, don’t you think, I have talked enough for today and should leave the rest for next time? So, anyways, be brave. Be stong. Be great.

Have you ever felt that mixed feeling before your first concert? If you have, please feel free to share your experience in the comment box below. If you have not, it’s okay, but do share with me what kind of feeling you had before your first concert.❤


                “When you are really excited about a  concert, but no one else cares                                                     because they’ve never heard of the band.”

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