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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Weird. Peculiar. Strange. These are some of the words that we usually use for people who are not like us or we don’t like. When there is this one girl in your class who is always separate from the others and is silent or doesn’t do things like we do, we prefer to term them ‘weird’ and try not to make the effort of making her our friend. We either try to give her rude comments or if you’re a little nice, just try to ignore them. But, here is where we make a mistake, or actually, a lot of mistakes. One, we term them ‘weird’ only because they don’t do things the way we do, but actually they are just not following the herd of sheep. They are different, not weird. They are unique, not strange. Second, we sometimes start calling them names to their face and act rude to them or ignore them. But, by doing this, we are just destroying any kind of kindness within us and we also affect those people who we are commenting on. Some of them ignore our comments, but a lot of them also take it seriously. So, we are ruining their lives too. We have no right to do so. They are just like us, just a little different. And this happens to everybody. Everyone has once in their life commented on someone and has been commented on by someone else. It’s just that some people know how to hide their feelings and actual self really well and others don’t.

I, myself, am a really shy girl and I take my own time to talk to someone new and I have heard a couple of comments for that. I’ve been told that I will not be able to cope with others in life because I am not very talkative and stuff like that. But, I know who I am and I don’t let those comments affect me a lot. I know I take a little time to start talking to someone and I try to develop myself to be a little more social. But, that’s it. If not that, people will always find another thing to comment on me. That’s what they do. What we need to learn is to make an effort from our side, to not comment on someone and not being affected by someone else when they comment on us. Everyone of us is unique and different than the others, so we cannot compare ourselves to other people and also not let others compare us and if they do, we should not be affected by it.

In my last blog, I shared with you my peculiar favourite thing and this blog is not just about not commenting on someone or not being affected by other peoples’ comments but I also wanted to share an important message through this blog and the message is “Always be yourself.” Well, everyone has that one(or sometimes a lot of) peculiar favourite thing which sometimes makes you the odd one out in your group. Sometimes, you might be teased for it or sometimes you might be admired for it. But, mostly when people are criticised on their any such peculiar favourite thing or anything else like their weight or relationship or skin colour or hair or something like that, they take it too seriously and start questioning themselves too much. Sometimes, because of this reason, they take such bad steps in life that should have not taken. People go into depression, try to end their lives, lose connection with the actual world and what not. This usually turns out to be quite harmful for them.

For example, if someone tells you that you are too fat, don’t take it to your heart and go on crash diets and stuff like that all of the sudden. That can ruin your health tremendously. But rather, consider their comment, say thank you to them for their advice, go home, stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself ‘Am I really that fat?’ If your heart say no, then well, throw the thought completely out of your mind as if you put it in from one ear and shoved it out from the other. If your mind says that ‘Maybe I have gained a little weight and I should work on it’, then consider doing some proper exercise and a balanced diet than a crash diet or not eating food at all.

So, in short, whether it is a peculiar habit of loving the rain or the smell of petrol or being fat or too dark or too fair, always remember that it doesn’t matter what people say(sometimes it does, but that is a different case). It matters what you think about yourself. You should feel good about yourself. Don’t let other people’s comments affect who you are, who you believe you are. Don’t let anyone or even you to tether yourself from being you. Don’t bury your feelings and real self only because you are scared of what other people might think about it. In short, Always Believe In Yourself (ABIY).

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Now a lot of people spread awareness on this issue nowadays and I would like to do my bit in it too. So, I want to try to start a small awareness campaign on this topic. Anyone who is reading this and agrees with me, could share this blog with a #ABIY or just try making this hashtag popular or even a little bit known. And if not that, you could atleast explain and share this concept with one other person and tell them to forward the message to atleast one other person. That way you could help me to share this message with everyone to believe in themselves. I got the inspiration of writing on this topic from one of favorite YouTubers Mostly Sane. Do check out her campaign. A lot of people liked my title image. It is made by my friend, Surbhi Nagari. To see more of her amazing art creations, you can follow her art page on Instagram–

Have you experienced something like this too? Have you ever commented on someone or been commented on? If you have, please feel free to share your feelings with me in the comment box below. If u have not, even them please do tell me your reviews about this blog. And if you like my blog, do give it a like, reblog it and share it with your friends and family and also follow my blog for further blog updates. So, anyways I am going to wrap this up now. So, always remember, Be brave. Be strong. Be great.❤


         “Just Be Yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird,                                                  beautiful, magical person that you are.”

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