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Growing Up

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Growing up. We all grow up. We kind of don’t have a choice. We all have to grow out of our seedling cover and break out of the soil and grow into a beautiful and unique plant. Some of us want to grow up as fast as we can while others want relive their childhood again and again. I recently got into my dream college. I was so happy when I got in. But that night when I was going to sleep, I had a dream. A dream about all my years of childhood and school. How I couldn’t wait to get out of school and have a fresh start in college. But, now when I am finally so near to that wish, I now wish that I could be 5 years old all over again. I wish I could go to my one and only school (I have only been to one school in my life) and sit on those small benches in primary building (for grades 1 to 5) and go to the A.V. room and watch Air Buddies with my friends while secretly eating Gems. I wish I could scream when the bell rung for the Short Break and Long Break and I wish I could wear that stupid uniform that I hated till the last day and make the two plates which I mourned over all the time. I wish to go back to the secondary building(for grades 6 to 10) where we learned how to fight for our benches and serious competition of Soft-board and Rangoli Competitions. I wish I could bunk class with my friends when a boring lecture was being held(I did that only a few times because I am scaredy-boo but even then) and have best friends and groups that change every year. I wish I could meet all my classmates and friends one more time and complain about my school with my friends but defend it around others. I wish I could relive those days just one more time. I wish I could be 5 years old again.

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Now that, I am out of school and about to start junior college(for grades 11 and 12) , I suddenly realise that I am no longer that fearless and careless child who wouldn’t have to care about anything in the world because she didn’t have to. I mean, yes, I am still technically a kid or more precisely a teen( since I am not 18 yet) but still. Suddenly, I feel like my life has changed drastically. My dad will no longer drop me off to school in the early hours of morning and my mom will no longer be standing outside the school waiting for me to come out and tell me to come out a little faster next time though she knew that was not going to happen. I will not be travelling the same route that I had been going through since the last 13 years. I will now be travelling on my own by the local trains that I haven’t had to use till now because my school was nearby and we had two cars. I will be going to a new building and not to the brick building of my school whose all routes I knew accurately. I will now be meeting new people and not my school friends who would be waiting for me with a reserved seat and with a “You are late again” look on their face. I will now be termed “badi ho gayi” (you’ve grown up) and not “abhi toh yeh choti hai” (she’s still small or young). I will now be a Xavierite and not a Tpsite.

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I have complained about my school and it’s ways of doing things always and we all have, but no matter what, it will always be the “best school ever” and I will miss it a lot. I will miss my friends and the teachers. I will miss those halls and corridors and those crowded bathrooms and my classes ofcourse. I will miss everything and everyone who was a part of my first phase of my life and I hope that(or I know that) the people and things that are to come in my life now in this next phase of my life are going to be as wonderful as the last one. I will miss you TPS and I will miss you guys (the 2016-17 batch).

Everyone goes through such phases in their lives a couple of times. Have you yet? If you have, then please feel free to share your experience in the comment box below. If you like and relate with the blog, like it, share it with your family and friends and also do follow my blog for further blog updates. And also, always remember, Be brave. Be strong. Be great.❤


“The hardest part about growing up is letting go of what you were used to and                                               moving on with something you’re not.” Soil

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