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A Selfless Life

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Hi. I am somebody. You know me. Some of you would like me to live. But most of you, just want to kill me for your good. You won’t think about it twice and I know that I will probably die before most of you even see me. I can do nothing about it. Nothing. Nothing at all. And that’s not the saddest part. Most of you don’t even realize my worth. I do important things for all of you even if I don’t know you and expect nothing in return. Nothing at all. Do you know who I am? Well, probably, you have still not figured that out or maybe you have. But, well, I am of the forgiving type. So, it’s okay.

Let me tell you that I am one of the most sought after living beings in the world. But, unfortunately, not in a good way. But, I am not blaming you. You were taught that way or so have I heard. I really don’t know why you do it but I want you to stop. I can’t stop you from doing it because I don’t have a voice. But not all of you hate me, some of you love me with all your heart. Love me so much that you won’t let anybody hurt me at all. You will do everything you can to save me but your number is less, very less, so, you often to tend to be overpowered by the haters. But, again, I don’t blame you at all.

Oh, where are my manners. I forgot to introduce myself. Let me tell you some my likes and dislikes. Let me start with my dislikes. As you already would have guessed, I hate people who try to kill me, but now who likes that. Then, I hate when people make me feel dirty without any self-conscience eating up their greedy minds. Okay, now coming to my likes. I like when kids surround me and play with me or around me. I like when people appreciate me for what I am and understand my worth.I like the sun. A lot. I like when it is sunny and gay. The sun is one of my main keys of survival on this blanket-surrounded ball called Earth, like any other living being. In short, sunny days are the best. I like it when other living beings come to me and surround me with all their different personalities and increase my happiness to whole other level. I like when someone takes care of me and makes me feel loved. You must be thinking that even you are just like me, but no, you’re wrong. I am very different than all of you. A lot, actually. I am not selfish and self-centered and arrogant and jealous of anybody or anything else included in the long list of bad human traits.

So, let me tell you a little about my family history. My old ancestors were the luckiest. They were born quite early on this Earth and all of them survived and had a natural death. As the generations passed by, lifespans started getting shorter and the number of natural deaths getting rarer and rarer. My parents are no longer alive. Both of them were cut off their lives quite too early without their will. I am, obviously still alive and surviving and trying to understand all you people but you people are just too complex to understand. So, anyways, you all must be thinking who is this who is bantering so much about so much. Well, it’s now time to tell you who I am. You all know me. I am quite well known all around the earth but yet I am often taken for granted. I am somebody. I am a living being. I am a tree.


                                 “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”❤ Sunny

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