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A Fine Feline Afternoon

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Cats. They are animals. They are domestic. They are cute and small. They have whiskers. They have tails. They go meow. Most people love them. Some people do not too. Some cat-lovers right now must be going “How can people not love cats?!! They are soo adorable!” But, well, what can we do. Everybody has their own opinions. So, earlier, I did not know whether I like cats or not. I don’t hate them but I have a natural animal repelling instinct in me which makes me scared of them. I was not scared of cats(atleast not in comparison to how much I am scared of dogs).

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So, recently I went to the Cat Café Studio which recently got opened in my city, Mumbai. It is a new concept here which is rapidly spreading. It is a normal café where you can go and sit and have some coffee and food. But, in addition to that, there are all kinds of cats which are freely moving around in the café. They roam around you freely without any fear. The café space provides them with a little bit of open space, play areas and toys, food and water, and sleeping areas too. The cats consider that café space as their safe haven where they can do whatever they want and be safe and happy. You can find all kinds of cats there.

Before entering, they have some set rules that we have to follow. First, when we enter, they will ask us whether this is our first time there or not because if it is our first time, then they will have to explain to us the procedure of going inside the café. To understand more accurately, the café has two spaces- outdoor and indoor. We can sit anywhere we want. The cats are in the indoor space of the café. To sit in the indoor space, first, we have to remove our shoes and keep them neatly in the shoe rack that they have for us. Second, we had to sanitize our hands completely by washing them with soap and water, which too they have provided by attaching a completely hygienic sink on the wall near the entrance. Third, we have to read the few rules of the café like to not disturb the cats when they are sleeping or eating, not pull their whiskers and tails, not click pictures with flash mode on, etc. Then, we have to go to the counter in the outdoor space and collect our Table No. , place our order and make the payment.

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Then, we can finally go in the indoor space with all the adorable cats, find our table, sit there and wait for our order to arrive. But, don’t worry, the wait will not be boring at all because we have the wonderful company of cats, that’s why. We can play with the cats while we wait. The café provides us with some cat toys with which we can play with the cats. And if you are lucky enough, a cat might also come and sit in your lap and sleep there. The café has a Japanese style of sitting with low-heighted tables and thick comfy cushions to sit on. This style of sitting arrangement is perfect for this kind of a café since it will become easier for you to play with the cats. Not only all this, but they also provide us with a lot of other table-top games like UNO and Jenga, so that you can just chill with your friends and family and play games in the company of cats. They also have a couple of books which you can read while sipping on an aromatic cup of coffee.

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Then comes the food. When I went with my friends, we ordered a sandwich, some cheesy fries, cold coffee and a yummy chocolate gooey cake. I was worried that the food might not be that great as it is a café or maybe because it focuses more on cats, but I was proved absolutely wrong. The food there was incredibly amazing and I am in love with it’s cold coffee. I always like a little sweet but not too sweet type of coffee and guess what, they serve just the perfect sweet coffee there.

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Other than the food and coffee and obviously cats, the staff working there is absolutely wonderful. They are really friendly and understanding. They make you feel comfortable in seconds of entering the place. The café in it’s entirety gives a feeling of homeliness and comfort which makes it so awesome. I was a little nervous for I don’t know what for going there, but the minute I entered I felt so comfortable and nice. They also have cat quotes and cat pictures hung all around the café space which helps enhance the theme of their café. After going there, not only am I in love with their coffee and cats, but also with that place. If substandard is 1 point and normal is 5 points and amazing is 10 points, then I would definitely give this place 20 points. It is a must-visit if you are in the city. It is now definitely in my Top 5 favourite places to eat in my city.

Oh! I almost forgot. They have this big long board in their café enlisting all their cats, their names, gender, age and whether they are adopted yet or not. They had started off with 29 cats, but so many of their cats have already been adopted. Basically, if you like a cat there a lot, you can adopt it right there at that instant itself. Isn’t that just great? In short, I loved this place and I think anyone who has a chance, should go visit this place with their friends or family(because it is both a hangout place and a family place). I visited this café just yesterday and I had one of the most fun, memorable and amazing days of my life.

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Here are some of the links to it’s official website   and it’s Instagram page . You can find links to it’s other social media accounts on it’s official website. I hope you visit it and have a wonderful time too.

Have you ever visited a Cat Café or any place of such sort? Was it this place? If yes, I would love to know your experiences and reviews about this place and even if it was not this particular Café, I would love to hear about your experience to a Cat Café or anyplace of such sort. So, feel free to write in the comment box below because I would love to hear some feedback from you readers. And if you liked my blog and related with it, give it a like, share it with your friends and family and also follow my blog for further blog updates. You can also follow me on Instagram to make sure that you don’t miss reading any of my blogs. Also, today is the first day of my birthday month, so let the countdown begin. See you next time! Till then, always remember, Be brave. Be strong. Be great.❤


                              “Cats never strike a pose that is not photogenic.”

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