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Updated: Jul 11, 2023

BOARDS!!! These exclamation marks signify the terror and fear that this six-letter word spreads among all students of 10th and 12th grade and also among those who are yet to give them. Even those have already given them this year are nervous and anxious about their results which kind of “fortells their future” (as adults, particularly parents, like to say).

I, myself have given 10th grade board examinations this year and so I can, like any other 10th grade student, understand the pains and sacrifices we all give during our boards. We miss out on our favourite Tv shows, films, MUSIC BANDS, books and what not. Suddenly, we don’t know anything about any celebrities or any other major news. Our social life decreases to zero involvement. It’s like we don’t have a life at all!(for one year)!! Ok, ok, I know I am being a little too dramatic but that is just how most of us,teenagers, like to describe boards, don’t we?

I’ve seen so many of my friends switching to old fashioned phones or no phones at all, so that they can focus more on their “studies” than on “social networking”. It’s like the ‘Bzz,bzz’ or ‘Toing,toing’ or any other notification sound from our phone arouses a sudden curious feeling in our minds like, “Whch app is it?”, “What if it is something REALLY important?”, etc. etc. Somehow, we can never calm this arousing curious nature of ours and we instantly go to our phone to see what it is and most of the times, it is just  a fake message like, “We have job offers for you”, “We have a post in XYZ”, etc. and that is the most frustrating part of it.

Now, this is just one thing I’ve described related to boards, while there are several other things too, but it would take me a lifetime to describe all of them. So, instead I am just going to talk about one more thing, ‘the one-long-frustrating-month duration of the board exams! That too, for just 10 papers (if you’re in the ICSE board, that is) !

It’s just so frustrating, tiring, irritating and painful to spend an entire month studying, worrying and writing papers. And if you’re an ICSE student who has given their boards this year in 2017, know exactly what I mean by ‘painful and frustrating month long boards’, because we have gone through this not for a month, but for a month and a half!! When I first came to know about the duration of my ICSE Boards 2017, I literally burst out in tears (being the dramaqueen I am).

Anyways, I think now I am just rambling and so I should just wrap up the topic and say that ‘Boards are terrifying’. But also never forget, keeping all things aside, that it is just a matter of one year and thatit is, for a matter of fact, very important and therefore we should work hard, but still enjoy life as it is and try not to live in non-social dark cave. Also, never lose hope and never give up. Be strong. Be brave. Be great.❤️


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